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Borough of Roosevelt Building and Zoning Permits

When you need a Permit ...not a complete list

You must obtain a Permit from the Construction Official/Zoning Officer before making
the following changes to your house:

Repair Type Permit Type
Replacing or repairing a roof Check with Construction Official
Porch, patio and stair repairs Check with Construction Official
Installing a dishwasher Check with Construction Official
Replacing an electric stove with a gas stove Check with Construction Official
Installing new wiring or additional outlets Electrical permit
Increase power service to home Electrical permit
Installing a new furnace, boiler or hot water heater Plumbing permit
Installing ductwork Check with Construction Official
Constructing a fence, Installing a fence Zoning permit
Replacing a fence Check with Construction Official
Installing a fireplace or repairing chimney Check with Construction Official
Build or erect utility buildings, including aluminum or wood sheds Zoning permit
Repair garages / accessory buildings Check with Construction Official
Installing a hard surface driveway Check with Zoning Officer
Install above-ground, in-ground swimming pool Construction permit/Zoning
Create additional off-street parking Check with Construction Official / Zoning Officer
Pipe leaders to existing storm drains Check with Construction Official
Install exterior entry to basement Construction permit
Install driveway post light Electrical permit/ Zoning Officer
Demolish sheds and/or buildings Demolition permit
Installing a water softener Plumbing permit

The following improvements will increase your assessment:

Remodeling of kitchen or bath Construction permit
New exterior siding and veneers Construction permit
Adding a sun deck, patio or porch Construction permit/Zoning
Plumbing alterations, modernization and tiling Construction permit
Finishing a basement or attic Construction permit
Additions of any kind Construction permit/Zoning
Installing central air conditioning Construction permit

Other improvements and alterations not listed may need a permit, so it is a
good idea to check with the Construction Official on Monday, 1pm to 2pm at the Boro.

And when you don't ...

You do not need to obtain a permit for ordinary repairs on a one- or two-family dwelling.
These include:

  • Repairing roofing or siding with like material, if the area does not exceed 25 percent
    of the total area within one year
  • Repairing or replacing duct work
  • Installing flooring material, including tile, linoleum and carpeting
  • Painting the exterior or interior
  • Replacing any window or door, if no change in the dimensions or framing of the opening is involved
  • Covering walls, plastering or placing drywall on an existing wall
  • Replacing glass in any window or door, if the replacement glass conforms to minimum requirements
  • Replacing any faucet or valve, if the piping system does not have to be altered
  • Installing window boxes or shutters
  • Window glazing and puttying
  • Landscaping work
  • Installing new gutters and leaders
  • Installing storm windows or doors
  • Repairing existing driveways or sidewalks

For more information, see the Construction Official on Monday, 1pm to 2pm at the Boro.
Also the Zoning Officer on Monday from 1pm to 2pm if available.

About Added Assessments:

Certain improvements to your home will increase its value and, as a result, your property tax assessment will increase.