Have fun with digital photo jigsaw puzzles CD - Great gift idea


CD with 4 of your favorite pictures each as a jigsaw puzzle
This is a special limited offer for $15 

Ready made CD (Great Gift)
Special picture digital puzzles $15

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http://web2sons.org/web2com/Puzzle.htm   link to this page - send to a friend

Test your skill here - Download puzzle of Roosevelt - easy
Download Underwater Jigsaw Puzzle - hard

Click above and SAVE the file to your computer then run the file from your PC
See example puzzle picture - click here
Steps to run and play the puzzle...Must save and run the file from your computer.
1. Click on the puzzle file name above to save to your computer
2. Save the file to your computer - in a folder or on the desktop your choice
3. Click on the Roosevelt.exe or the Underwater.exe file saved to your PC to run the program - then click the run button
How to play puzzle...
1. Move the picture and the exit icons from the top left to the bottom right of the page
    a. Click the BLUE bar at the top of the icon and drag to the bottom
        for both icons
2. Click on a piece of the puzzle and drag to where it should go then click to place
    a. When you click to place the piece asterisks will appear that this is correct
3. Continue with the click and drag of pieces until complete
HINT: Start with the piece for the upper left corner then work from there.
Have fun with the puzzle.
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